Email Archiving and Monitoring

How it Works | Screenshot

All Communication, information and documents are now part of Email. If Email is secured, then the entire data of an organization is also considered to be secure. Email Archiving helps organizations to capture a copy of all incoming and outgoing mails and store them outside the primary mail server and away from access to other users.

Another challenge of Email is the limitation on the storage size. These limits come into play depending on the email client and devices one use. With data size is increasing phenomenally over the years, it is wise to keep own mail box clear of unwanted CC/BCC mails and mails meant for monitoring. Email archiving solution provides all these benefits.

This archiving technology has no data size limitation. It stores every mail as a single file. Outlook stores the entire mail as a single file. It compress and decompress every time a mail is opened. Thus as its size increase, Outlook becomes slower and prone to data crash.

Automatic forwarding of incoming and Outgoing Mails of key employees to company owner
Owner can Sort these Emails into user-wise folders in his Outlook for easy monitoring, tracking and backup
Keep your Outlook from overloading. Backup available in Archive.
Access the archive mailbox on Mobile/Web/Outlook
Share the same archive mail box to other key management
Serves as a secondary backup for all. Option to archive even a single Mailbox
Monitor/Backup Unlimited Email IDs. 30 Days Trial. $50 for 100GB. Includes SSL. Extra space @ $0.50 per GB