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Triosync since 1998


Years of experience in Email Services

Affordable and Reliable end-to-end Email solutions for small to medium business. Industry specific email solutions that match the specific needs of your business. Choose from an array of solutions with focus on productivity, performance, reliability, backup and monitoring..

A productive email system is a combination of efficient data management at server and user end, data security, assured delivery, control over server and data, monitoring, reliable backup and restoration with cross platform support.

Services We Provide

Exchange Mail

Dedicated Exchange

In-House Exchange

Cloud Based Exchange

Hybrid Exchange

POP to Exchange Mail

Email Archiving

Automatic In-Out mail backup

Sort mails into user-wise folders

Access via Web/Mobile/Outlook

Smart Monitoring & backup

Unclog overloaded Outlook

Email Services

Server Administration

Delivery & Tracking Support

Backup and Restoration

Email Trouble Shooting

Turnkey Migration

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