Exchange Mail

Exchange Mail is the latest in Email Technology. Sync between your Outlook, Mobile and Web mail and your Email, Contacts, Calendar remain updated on all devices. Any modifications done any of the connected device, gets updated on all other devices, automatically. Additionally, Exchange Mail stores data on the server which also has additional backup and restore solutions. This eliminates worry about regular email backup and loss of data in case of a crash or device lost. While changing, formatting or replacing a device, reconfigure the email account, and it will restore the data as it was last seen.

There are many Exchange Mail solutions available today. Each of these have its own advantages and disadvantages. Even with these solutions, there are multiple plans. Always choose the ideal server that will provide you with the best productivity, depending on your type of business. Triosync helps its customers to choose the right solution after careful study of the client’s needs, business environment and available technical resources.

Dedicated Exchange: You control both server as well as data

Cloud Exchange: No control over the server or data. You just use the system like Gmail/Hosted O365 exchange

Hybrid Exchange: Host select users on exchange while others continue to remain on POP/IMAP. This is a cost effective solution.

In-House Exchange: Host a complete Exchange Server in-house over static IP.

POP-to-Exchange: Convert a POP/IMAP account to Exchange without server side settings.

Pick and choose the right Email Solution
Email, Data and DNS Migration
Outlook and Mobile Configuration
Admin and user level ongoing support
Server Console Administration
Data Archiving and Retention